• Water Treatment

    Soakers Hot Tub Rentals and Sales proudly carry Canadian made Sani Marc chemicals. These cover all of your water treatment needs from Chlorine and Bromine for sanitation to products that will balance your water to make it comfortable to sit in. In addition there are products that help keep your hot tub clean and shining like new.

  • Spa Marvel

    Another Canadian product, Spa Marvel is a unique formulation of natural enzymes, minerals and plant extracts and contains no harsh chemicals. Good for spa users wanting to get away from using harsh chemicals due to health or environmental concerns.

  • Filters

    We carry a full line of Unicel filters.Unicel  offers unmatched quality materials to produce their filters. From antimicrobial end caps to center cores they set the standard for quality within the industry. If we donít have your filter in stock we will do everything we can to get it in for you.

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